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Gatehouse: “Following Suit” - Chapter Seven

 ”The guards found me sneaking around, but not before I managed to burn a message for the Doctor in the ship’s home box. When he would find it, thousands of years later, he would know to connect the box to his TARDIS monitor and watch the security footage. Then, he would hear me saying the coordinates of my location before escaping the guards by flying out the bay doors. He would then materialize his ship at 7775/349x10/acorn just in time to pick me up before I exited the artificial atmospheric shell surrounding the ship. Clever, aren’t we? I must say we make a very good team…”

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"You’re a child of the machine… Join us in the war against the Hath. It’s in your blood, girl. Don’t deny it!”

"You were born in battle. Full of blood and anger and revenge.”

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